The Return to the Police Station after Maternity Leave

So after several months of leave from my second home at Abingdon Police Station, I have been back in action.  It was quite nice to avoid the waddle into the Custody Suite and not crave the Macdonald smell hiding under some of the sergeants’ desks (yes – you know who you are). The little changes were noticeable, and I’m certainly not ready for more change after discovering that DJ Pattinson retired from Oxford Magistrates Court in January, who was undoubtedly one of the best District Judges there was!

I have now been informed that you can request front sheets via email – the power of technology!

However, getting back into the swing was a breeze and it has been great to meet new clients and ensure their rights and entitlements are upheld throughout the detention process.

I must say that I am still frustrated by the considerable delay taken by Thames Valley Police when it comes to interrogating IT devices and keeping people  ‘under investigation’ for a ridiculously long day (some more than a year).  This issue is creeping very close to meeting the ‘unreasonableness’ test in law for Judicial Review action to be taken so I hope TVP can improve their system before such recourse is necessary.

So whilst I always say I hope you do not need my services at Abingdon’s fine hotel just opposite McDonalds; I can assure you that swinging out of bed at 3am is a dawdle after having a baby who’s motto is ‘Sleep is for the Weak’.


Take care and see you soon (or hope not to?)



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