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Surrogacy Law

What are some of the issues surrounding surrogacy law? The SMQ legal family team specialise in a variety of areas.  Surrogacy can be difficult to navigate from a legal standpoint often requiring a parentage order to be court ordered within 6 months of the child’s

Civil Claims Following Inquests

SMQ Legal’s civil team headed by Suezanne specialise in various claims that can be brought in civil litigation, under the Human Rights Act, as well as personal injury. If you require information about such a claim, please contact the Oxford office for a free appointment. 

Primary and Secondary Victimhood

Clinical negligence may affect both primary and secondary victims. This means that either of these categories of individuals may bring a claim in law. In the context of medical negligence, the patient who has suffered harm is ordinarily the primary victim and then any relatives

Late of Inaccurate Diagnosis

Guidelines and targets are set by the NHS for diagnostic tests, such as biopsies, X-rays and scans. This includes time limits and targets for healthcare professionals to refer patients to consultants where an expert opinion is needed. An example of this, is that a suspected

Medical Negligence – Psychiatric Injury

When bringing a clinical negligence claim, many individuals will do so for physical and psychiatric harm. In doing so this harm must be proven by the claimant in that they must show there has been a negligent breach of duty which is causative of the

Migrant Justice in the Time of COVID

Introduction Migrant justice in the UK has long been a topic of controversy, particularly regarding the increased levels of surveillance and monitoring of asylum seekers. During COVID-19, this has continued – despite the strict lockdown measures put in place over the past 18 months. Four

Why you should be concerned about the law on homicide

Our criminal law solicitors are experienced in all aspects of criminal law. One of our student interns based on an Oxford office placement explores the law around murder and manslaughter. Fair-labelling and certainty; two elements which are crucial to the success of criminal law. However,