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Recklessness for Criminal Damage

Criminal Law – should recklessness for Criminal Damage offending be judged subjectively or objectively—Is the current law fair? SMQ Legal Solicitors have one of the biggest criminal law legal teams in Oxfordshire with a vast knowledge of criminal law.  The tough questions surrounding the legal

Environmental Law

Strict regulatory interventions in enforcing sanctions to organisations for environmental offences Local Councils take a more stringent approach to prosecuting companies and individuals for environmental offending.  The SMQ Legal Team have qualified criminal law specialist solicitors who can assist you with any queries over such

Law of Frustration

Does the doctrine of frustration strike the right balance between fairness and certainty in circumstances where contractual performance is affected by unforeseen circumstances? SMQ Legal is building its Civil Team and we always enjoy when our Student Interns write a piece about relevant law such

Domestic Abuse Act 2021: Good and Bad

SMQ Legal has a Family Law team that specialises in domestic abuse protection for victims.  The Oxford solicitors can offer free support as and when required 24/7.  We explore the proposed changes to protect victims of crimes further in this piece. According to ONS 2020,

Calderbank letters or Part 36

Calderbank letters A Calderbank letter is a letter containing a settlement offer and written “without prejudice save as to costs”, that is with the express reservation of the right to refer the letter to the court on the question of costs if the offer is

Parental disputes over childhood vaccinations

The roll out of the vaccine to Covid-19 brings a potential new area of dispute, which the family court dealt with recently in the case of M v H and P and T [2020] EWFC 93. Parental responsibility grants parents or guardians the right to

Non fatal strangulation to become a specific crime in UK

SMQ Legal practice both criminal defence as well as family law which makes our lawyers based in Oxford well informed to assessing cases from a victim and perpetrator perspective. Perpetrators of non fatal strangulation are set to face up to seven years in prison after