SMQ lawyers are experienced in dealing with various personal injury and civil related claims including claims relating to fatal accidents, actions against Oxford pharmaceutical companies, and orthopaedic injuries. Sustaining a serious injury that could have been avoided can be devastating and issuing a claim can be a taxing undertaking.

We appreciate that having an accident, whether in connection to a road traffic, incident, place of work, or tripping on a highway can affect every aspect of your life from your ability to work to undergoing medical procedures. Suezanne has undergone multiple spinal procedures and surgeries since 11 years old (following a road traffic incident) and now operates as a bionic woman so personal injury claims is an area of practice she always feels personally vested in. We understand that rehabilitation can be key to recovery and we can help you get that help as well as focusing getting you on compensation.
We provide sound legal advice and assistance as to the relevant procedure for issuing a claim, advising on the causes of action, and assessing the legal remedies available and where necessary, pursuing that claim in Court.  We understand from personal experience that the issue of a claim is a daunting experience, but it is vital that any claim submitted is properly drafted and compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules, as well as submitted within the statutory time limits.  We can advise where alternative dispute resolution should be sought and when medical expertise needs to be obtained.


We offer our free 20-minute legal consultation to discuss your case and offer ‘no win, no fee’ legal assistance on certain types of claim.